Sunday, May 23, 2010

feeling good feeling great how are you!?!?!?

The last two weeks have been totally AWESOME!!! The opening was really nice we had a lot of people come through. The band Beauregard set the tone for the evening, these guys will definitely be getting a call from us in the future, . The second show was even cooler we met quite a few local artist who want to collab with us in the near future so keep an eye out. DJ SpaceAge was on the ones and twos and played everything from jazz to the jingle in "Coming to America" SOUL GLO!!!!!!....Complete Awesomeness, the gallery will be open from 10am-2pm through out the week and the closing will be this weekend 5/29/10 so come through one last night and celebrate the ending of the beginning of something beautiful. MEMPHIS WE LOVE YOU

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